BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Recognized Quality Policy

The seals shown above and displayed on the Comtech PST Corp. web site refer to our AS9100/ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification.

  • Comtech PST Corp. originally received ISO 9001:1994 quality system certification in 1997.
  • Upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 certification in April 2003.
  • Upgraded again to AS9001:2004-01 in July 2007.
  • Our registrar is UL, accredited ANAB.
  • Our certificate Number is A16070.

Systematic Approach

Comtech PST Corp. provides products and services to a diverse worldwide market. The expectations and needs of our customers are as varied as their location. In order to consistently meet and exceed these expectations, a systematic approach to identify, understand, implement and monitor achievement of these needs has been developed.

Published Policies and Procedures

Management has taken the responsibility to assure that all quality policies and procedures are clearly and completely stated by accepting, publishing, and maintaining a formal Quality Management System Manual. This manual describes what is required, and precisely how to achieve the specified goal.

Employee Training and Feedback

Each employee is required to read, understand, and support all sections of the Quality Manual. This encourages an environment that fosters quality excellence as the top priority. Employees, suppliers and customers are encouraged to offer suggestions to continue our quality improvement.

Quality System Objectives

The key objectives of our quality system are to ensure that the acceptance, workmanship, performance, delivery, and reliability standards of our customers are met. Our operators, technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in accordance with IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. Solder operators are trained and certified in accordance with IPC/EIA J-Std-001. When called for, customer service will be provided utilizing every available resource at Comtech's disposal.

Pride and Commitment in Our Quality System

Comtech's quality policy is displayed openly as a sign of our pride and commitment, and as a clear reminder of our vision and direction. The policy is also presented to all new employees in our quality awareness orientation training, and is continuously reinforced by management to ensure understanding and commitment at all levels in the company

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